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Al Jazeera English

by Julia Traunspurger

TV reception
Al Jazeera English is available free-to-air through satellite and cable providers around the world.

Program structure

  • TV Schedule:
  • News and Shows alternately
  • No differences between working days and weekend
  • News Frequency:
    Newshour: 7x 1 hour (a.m.: 3, 11; p.m.: 2, 4, 7, 10, 12 o’clock)
    News 13x ½ hour (a.m.: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12; p.m.: 3, 5, 6, 8, 11 o’clock)

Important shows

  • News & Newshour
  • Al Jazeera World
  • Special Series (e.g. Women Make Change, In Search of Putin’s Russia)
  • Inside Story
  • Counting the cost


Live Stream
Live Stream on YouTube: (but in Germany you cannot stream it due to uncertainties regarding the copyrights)
Live Stream on App: „watch LIVE“

Shows via Website/ YouTube/ App
News: many short Clips organized in different categories (e.g. local (Asia, Europe, America, etc.) and thematic (Wars & Conflicts, Media, Arts & Culture, etc.)
Programs: almost all Videos are online and on YouTube


BBC World Service

by Caroline Klausener

TV reception
BBC World Service can be received via both satellite and cable. There is a possibility to record programs with HD/DVB-C capable television.

Program structure
The main news program is called BBC World News and provides the newest international information every hour. There are plenty of other news programs like World Business Report, BBC World News America and World News today as well as reportages like Reporters and Our World.
There is a small difference in the broadcasting program between weekends and weekdays. BBC World News is being broadcast more often but not at hourly intervals during the week.

The official website of BBC World Service is
There is no livestream available but an opportunity to watch the news via high quality stream on an app called “Livestation”. There is no opportunity to watch short clips of news programs; BBC offers a five-minute audio recording. In fact, internet and television programs differ strongly from one another.



by Antonia Brunet

TV reception
via Satellite TV (satellite dish: Astra 19,2°) and Online live stream

Program structure
24/7 broadcasting; 3 global newscasts:

  • CCTV Newsdesk by CCTV America: U.S. and global news from Washington
    ⌚ 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:30/8:00 (Sun, Mon), 9:00
    Duration: 15, 30 or 60 min.
  • CCTV Newsdesk: China and global news from Beijing
    ⌚ 0:00, 10:00, 14:00, 17:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00
    Duration: 15 or 30 min.
  • News Hour: main news bulletin
    ⌚ 12:00
    Duration: 60 min.

Further regional newscasts: China 24, Asia Today and Africa Live
Further programs include regional documentaries, travelogues, business reports and talk shows


  • Live stream:
  • Each program has its own page: videos of the last 12 months can be streamed
  • No official (video) downloading possible/allowed
  • YouTube: no live stream-channel, but topical videos and thematically grouped playlists.


CNN International

by Antonia Paal

TV reception
CNN International is available via cable, satellite (Astra 19,2° East) and IPTV. There is the possibility to record shows with a digital video recorder for all three options.

Program Structure
There are various News Shows at 7am, 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2:30pm, 6pm, 7pm 10pm, 12am, 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am EST. At this times the shows comprise CNN Newsroom, CNN Today/Tonight, International Desk an News Stream. These are the main News Shows on CNNI. Of course there are several shows like Amanpour, Wolf, Anderson Cooper 360° or The World Right Now, which contain news and events from around the world.

There is no big difference in the program regarding the news shows. The rest of the daily program differs every day. As an example, you have the time slot at 11:30pm where you see shows like African Voices, Culinary Journeys, Inside Africa, Talk Asia, Political Mann as the week progresses.

There is no live stream on the CNN website but some other sites host the CNN International program on a live stream:
On the CNN International website, you can find videos on CNN’s Special Features and Latest Shows like African Voices, Inside Africa, Marketplace Africa, Living Golf, Ones to Watch, Culinary Journeys, Marketplace Middle East, Business Traveller, MainSauk, Talk Asia, Open Court, Reading for Leading, CNNGo. The videos do not cover the regular news shows, so the website is no alternative solution to the TV channel.
As a feature, you can find transcripts of several shows on the website:


Deutsche Welle

by Hannah Schädlich

Deutsche Welle can be received via TV, the internet or radio.

TV reception

Program structure

  • 24-hour program
  • different broadcasts: news, reports, magazines, programs about music, sports, culture, etc.

Main newscast: DW News

  • every hour on the hour
  • different channels for the continents (DW America, DW Arabia, DW Latin America, DW English, DW German)
  • differences in length and transmission time between week and weekend
  • during the week:
    news with a duration of 60 minutes twice a day (3pm and 7pm);
    duration of 30 minutes between 7am and 1pm;
    all the other newscasts have a duration of 15 minutes
  • on the weekend:
    the newscasts between 5am and 9am have a duration of only 3 minutes;
    all the other newscasts have a duration of 15 minutes

There is a livestream in quite good quality.

Media center:

  • programs are uploaded in several clips
  • several filters: past 24 hours/ past week /past month/ past year or chose a duration between two dates
  • with an appropriate plugin all the clips can be downloaded (e.g. „Video Downloader Professional“ for Google Chrome or „Fast Video Downloader“ for Firefox)
  • no difference between tv program and internet offer
  • daily news coverage in seven regular languages
  • top stories: important news presented in articles

Youtube-channel: DW (English)

  • clips are uploaded several times a day
  • not all DW News clips



by Fabian Lüders

TV reception
France24 can be received via satellite (Astra) in english and french. There is a possibility to record programs with HD/DVB-C capable Television.

Program structure

  • 24/7 broadcasting
  • 1 global newscast every half hour :”Le Journal”
  • “Le Journal” for 10-15 Minutes every half hour the whole day
  • The other minutes are filled with 27 different reports with topics like: “Le Journal d’Afrique”, “In the papers” or “Economie”


  • Live Stream on the webside in English, French and Arabic
  • Many Videos on webside and Youtube-Chanel
  • Well structured app with a lot of “News Flash” Videos – Topics: News, Business, Sports, Africa




by Tobias Fischer

TV reception
It is somehow difficult to receive RT in Germany (compared to the situation in the US/UK). But there are some operators who offer RT via satellite, cable, and direct-to-home. Moreover, RT offers a list with German hotels receiving RT (for more information:

Program Structure

  • RT News show to every full hour (from 5am until 9pm) and an additional one at 12am
  • Main RT News shows at 12pm and 5pm (Russian time zone)
  • One RT News show lasts about 30 minutes
  • The second 30 minutes of every hour are filled with different shows and documentaries
  • Program structures changes slightly on the weekend
    (Saturday offers a few more news shows; Sunday offers “News Weekly” shows)

Important shows
RT realises a lot of different shows focusing on different topics. The shows can be downloaded on the website (at least the last 10 broadcastings of every show).

The most important shows are

  • Keisers Report: finance and stock talk
  • Redacted Tonight: satire and comedy magazine
  • Watching the Hawks: talk show focusing on media, politics, and the pop culture
  • Worlds Apart: QA on important topics
  • Going Underground: show about topics which are no part of “mainstream” media and the main RT news shows
  • The Big Picture: focus on political news and topics
  • CrossTalk: TV debate presenting business topics, politics, global trends, challenges and recent conflicts


  • Website ( is well-constructed and clear
  • Topics focus on USA and the UK
  • Live-Stream (24/7) available on all mobile devices
  • Live-Stream is a good alternative to the TV-broadcasting since it shows the identical content
  • All shows can be downloaded after the premiere
  • Main news shows (12pm & 5pm) can be downloaded as well – the others can’t
  • Different sub-categories to structure the website (News, USA, UK, Russian Politics, Business, Sports, In Vision [pictures], In Motion [videos], Shows)
  • Articles are featured with pictures, sometimes videos, and links to further/additional news on social media
  • Social Media plays an important role for RT (very up to date and active on their platforms; strong performance on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram; best performance of any news portal on YouTube; possibility to start the live-stream via YouTube)

All in all, RT offers a well-structured website with a 24/7 live-stream, which is available in Germany, and a great alternative to the TV-broadcasting, which is not available in every household.



by Kathrina Marini

TV reception
Telesur is generally available free-to-air through satellite and cable providers around the world, but only in Spanish language.

Program structure

Important shows

  • News from the south / the world today
  • Telesur reports
  • Global connection



Live stream
Until now there is no 24- broadcast channel, although it is planned since July 2015.
English speaking people can download all important shows/news/reports directly from the website ( For all that the English live stream is missing, the website is a pretty good replacement.